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Data warehousing, analytics, and insight for logistics and delivery services.

APIs and machine learning business intelligence for logistics, ecommerce, and delivery services that establish operating efficiencies reports and market best practices.

Our technology

Our technology was created with a single purpose. To give you fast, easy, and secure 3rd party data warehouseing for compliance related activities and to provide you insight and buinsess intellince on that data. 



APIs designed to seamlessly collect data


Bespoke analytics can be added to give simple insight where it is needed.  



Encrypted solutions for storage and third-party auditable guardianship of sensitive data.


For more complex business problems data can be imported and run through a machine learning engine that provides real intelligence.


Data conversion made simple regardless of original data structure.


Models automatically update and retrain as they ingest more data. 

Compliance and 3rd party data store for audit. 

In certain situations companies will need to store fragments of their data on a third party cloud in order to allow for independent audit without providing access to the whole of their data. As a baseline, we provide this service. 

Bespoke and actionable insight from your data.

Cryptacora provides you with a bespoke machine learning and artificial intelligence solution that allows you to quickly test and deploy business intelligence models. As a premium service, we work with you and your team to deploy and deliver models that have a real impact on your logistics or delivery business.

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